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The Ontario Kinesiology Association (OKA) is a non-profit health professional organization with a membership of more than 1,500 registered health professionals. Initially established in May 1982, the OKA actively works on behalf of its members to promote Kinesiology as an integral part of Ontario's healthcare and workplace health and safety systems. The College of Kinesiologists of Ontario is the regulatory body for Kinesiologists in Ontario.

Core Pillars of Kinesiology

PREVENTION – Kinesiologists are leaders in the prevention of injury, disability and chronic disease.
MANAGEMENT – Kinesiologists use exercise in the management of injury, disability and chronic disease.
PERFORMANCE – Kinesiologists are devoted to improving performance, health, and overall quality of life.

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OKA’s Vision

To have kinesiologists recognized as the authority on exercise and human movement and the preferred provider of practical, applied and effective exercise and physical activity solutions for the prevention and management of injury, disability and chronic disease, and the improvement of overall health and performance.

OKA’s Mission

  • To be the voice for kinesiologists in Ontario
  • Assist in the growth and development of kinesiology and kinesiologists in Ontario

Strategic Directions (2017-2020)

  • Help OKA members, and all Registered Kinesiologists, achieve success in their practice
  • Build a strong organization that engages potential and existing members, meets their expectations and generates loyalty
  • Enhance career opportunities for Kinesiologists
  • Brand and promote Kinesiology as the Regulated Exercise and Human Movement Healthcare Professionals

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OKA is a proud member of the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance



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