March 25, 2017 Workshop

Minimize Injuries....Maximize Life!

OKA is very pleased to present a one-day education seminar by Dr. David Frost: 

Minimize Injuries…MAXIMIZE Life!


View full details and the complete schedule here: WorkshopOverview.pdf

The seminar will be delivered by Assistant Professor and Registered Kinesiologist, Dr. David Frost, one of the world’s foremost authorities on movement screening and assessment. Dr. Frost is an engaging and passionate presenter who over the past 12 years has:

  • Presented provincially, nationally and internationally on topics pertaining to health and wellness, athletic performance and musculoskeletal injury prevention
  • Authored several journal articles and book chapters on movement screening, fitness, exercise and injury prevention
  • Worked as a performance and injury prevention consultant to numerous private and government organizations across in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand
  • Collected and analyzed performance and injury data from over 5000 across North America
  • Created a curriculum that serves as the framework for the UofT Faculty of Kinesiology’s practica program, and the International Association of Firefighters’ Peer Fitness Trainer program

This one-day course is designed specifically for exercise professionals. Using a combination of teaching styles (e.g. lecture, reflection, discussion, observation, demonstration), small and large group activities, and hands-on experiences, attendees will be provided with the knowledge and tools to design personalized exercise sessions for any client.

The central tenet of this integrated approach is that every individual, regardless of age, experience, fitness or job status, needs the capacity to meet the demands of their life. This model provides an excellent foundation to establish recommendations for rehabilitation or training, and can be used by return-to-work specialists, health care providers and exercise professionals. To accomplish this goal and accommodate every client’s specific needs requires an appreciation for screening, assessment and exercise program design – having the knowledge and skills to interpret the results of an assessment will distinguish exceptional professionals who change lives from trainers who design “hard” workouts.

Through a combination of lectures and hands-on activities, attendees will improve their ability to assess, design, implement and evaluate the utility of exercise sessions for clients with varying interests. All attendees will be provided with a series of resources to assist with the administration and interpretation of an assessment, and the design and implementation of exercise sessions.

View full details and the complete schedule here: WorkshopOverview.pdf

This is a hands-on workshop that we anticipate will fill up quickly as space is limited.


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