Kinesiology as an Extended Health Benefit

The most progressive, comprehensive extended health care benefit packages include kinesiology.

Although simple and intuitive, exercise is one of the single most effective means to enhance recovery from injury or illness, and to manage and improve health. 

Registered Kinesiologists, Ontario's experts in the science of movement, can help reduce absenteeism, reduce claims and associated claims costs, return workers to jobs sooner and safely, reduce duration of claims and increase on the job productivity. 

There is also a strong body of evidence of the critical importance that exercise and physical activity plays in the prevention and management of chronic disease and injury. Kinesiologists are becoming key members of health care teams. 

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Kinesiologists as Key Members of Health Care Teams

For extended health benefit packages, Kinesiologists provide wellness, disease and injury prevention, and rehabilitation, all in one professional.

As part of extended health benefits, kinesiology services can reduce disability claims, getting workers back on the job faster, avoiding expensive long-term disability claims.

With the growing body of evidence of the critical importance that exercise and physical activity plays in the prevention and management of chronic disease and injury, Kinesiologists are becoming key members of health care teams.

Registered Kinesiologists perform Physical Demands Analyses to identify the essential tasks and physical demands of jobs that are useful tools in the identification of suitable work.

Registered Kinesiologists provide job coaching/shadowing to educate workers how to safely and effectively perform work tasks and/or return to function.

Registered Kinesiologists perform ergonomic assessments and work with employers, healthcare professionals and workers to ensure appropriate accommodation in the workplace including the development and implementation of return to work programs.

Registered Kinesiologists develop and implement health and wellness programs to improve health and wellbeing of workers, reduce claims and associated claims costs and increase productivity.

Musculoskeletal Disorder in the Workplace

Musculoskeletal Disorder, the WSIB's number 1 injury, significantly impacts the workplace. Kinesiologists perform ergonomics assessments and work with employers and other healthcare professionals to ensure that workers are working within their physical restrictions and as accommodated through a return to work plan. They develop return to work programs based on the medical restrictions set out by health care professionals, and perform physical demands analysis for employers to ensure workers are working within their physical restrictions. Kinesiologists also work with employers to develop wellness programs to improve job performance, satisfaction and productivity, and reduce absenteeism.

Kinesiology Services

In practice, Kinesiologists provide a variety of services to clients including:

  • Work performance improvement programs;
  • Return to work programs;
  • Corporate wellness programs;
  • Assessments for assistive/adaptive devices, care needs, health and functional ability;
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Chronic disease prevention and management;
  • Acute illness recuperation;
  • Cardiovascular training;
  • Exercise and fitness programs for weight loss;
  • Mental health and addiction treatment;
  • Hydrotherapy;
  • Ergonomic assessments;
  • Posture evaluation;
  • Movement disorder therapies;
  • High performance training;
  • ...and more

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