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MISSISSAUGA – If getting fit is your goal for the new year, ask your gym if any of their personal trainers are Registered Kinesiologists.  An Ontario Kinesiologist can help you stick to your New Year’s resolution – and maybe even save you cash on tax day, too.

Kinesiologists in Ontario are provincially regulated health professionals in exercise and human movement. Since 2014, the Canada Revenue Agency has recognized Kinesiologists as among the medical practitioners whose services are tax-deductible. That means you can not only work with a Kinesiologist to make the most of your New Year’s exercise routine, you may also be eligible to get a tax deduction for your effort.

That’s a privilege you can only get in Ontario: The Province is the first in Canada to recognize Kinesiologists as regulated health professionals.

“There are lots of Kins in gyms,” said Sabrina Francescut, President of the Ontario Kinesiology Association, the provincial association for registered Kinesiologists. “Being able to work with a highly-qualified regulated health professional and write it off on your taxes is a double advantage Ontarians should seek out to meet their fitness needs in the year ahead.

“This is a great way to ensure that you’re treating both your body and your wallet with the best kind of care.”

If you already work with a personal trainer, ask if he or she is a Registered Kinesiologist. Aside from their services being tax-deductible, Registered Kins have specialized knowledge of physical functioning, human mobility and preventative exercise suitable to help you not only get in shape, but optimize your body’s performance to help you maintain your health and avoid future medical conditions.

Canada Revenue Agency allows taxpayers to claim medical expenses like the services of a Kinesiologist for themselves, one’s partner or any children aged 18 or younger.

How much of your Kin’s assistance can you write off? CRA allows you to claim any expenses after the first $2,208 you spend, or after the expenses exceed three per cent of your net income – whichever is smaller.

Being able to claim those expenses makes it easier for Ontarians to seek the services of Registered Kinesiologists, if kinesiology services aren’t covered by your extended health benefits obtained through your employer. If your extended health benefit plan doesn’t cover kinesiology, ask it to be added, and you and your employer will both be able to benefit.

According to the Public Health Association of Canada, physical activity can help reduce the risk of over 25 chronic conditions. Chief among these risks is heart disease – Canada’s leading cause of death.

In 2013, the Province recognized Kinesiologists as an officially regulated health profession. Kinesiologists are governed by an organization, the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario, which sets rules and guidelines to ensure Kinesiologists are fully trained and educated to meet your mobility and performance needs in the best and most up-to-date way possible.

Ask your trainer if he or she is a Registered Kinesiologist. Your body – and your bank account – will thank you.


Media Contact: Stuart Moulton, Executive Director, Ontario Kinesiology Association  

                            Phone: (905) 567-7194

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